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Financial Services

Improve client connections with omnichannel communications and trusted messages.

Modernize communications within the financial sector by reaching clients on the channels they wantIncrease security with two factor authentication and encrypted channelsLearn more about what your clients want and increase profitability.  

Channel Engagement

LINK’s omnichannel capabilities means you can reach customers when and where they want. We offer the channels your clients use every day, meaning you get faster responses and they get a better experience. Banking just got more personalized. 

Increased Security

Make two factor authentication and one time passwords easier using SMS to verify identities. Apps like WhatsApp are encrypted, guaranteeing total privacy, and even offer verification of the sender to prevent fraud and ensure clients feel this is a trusted communication method. 

Modernize & Personalize

Mobile banking is used more and more each day. Offer your clients a modernized experience by providing options for which channel they engage on. They can get reminders, notifications, or help easily and quickly. Happy customers mean longlasting, loyal customers.


Modernized financial services

Clients expect a lot from their banks these days. They want them to be accessible and responsive, as well as safe and secure. LINK Mobility allows you to meet these customer expectations with our various products and servicesStart in a dialogue with customers using LINK Conversations, or learn more about customer wants and needs by using LINK Collect or our Insight Dashboard. You can request payments and avoid paper invoices with LINK Mobile Invoice. Our secure Messaging Platform and numerous channels means you can reach customers in a trustworthy efficient way. You can also use LINK Mobility’s products internally to reach your employees to notify and engage them. 

How LINK Can Help

LINK Mobility can help you achieve all of this and more, using the following products: 

  • LINK Conversations 
  • LINK Collect 
  • LINK Mobile Invoice 
  • LINK Insight Dashboard 

We also offer a variety of channels to ensure you reach your clients in the way they want to be reached: 

  • SMS 
  • WhatsApp Business Solution 
  • Viber Business Messages 
  • Google Verified SMS 
  • RCS 
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