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Deliver the best customer experience when they need it most

Omnichannel access

Having the flexibility to chat on any channel is key to improving the customer experience. You can connect with customers in the context they are comfortable with and continue conversations on the go, meaning more responsiveness and issues are resolved quicker.

Automated chatbots

We partner with chatbot and customer care specialists to ensure that every aspect of customer care is covered, while our channels provide a backbone and the opportunity to switch to an agent when needed

Offer availability

Offer flexibility throughout the whole process to ensure customer trust and reliability to increase satisfaction and retention

Serve and support your customers

Create customized care for each customer through conversational messaging and multi-channel APIs.

Meet customers where they want to be met – on their channels – and respond to their needs through a dialogue to solve problems, provide support, and answer questions. 

Clients want to reach out to customer service and get the best experience no matter what the scenario is. Customer care can be streamlined with automation to make your company more effective and efficient, leading to increased productivity and cost savings. Customers feel they have received excellent service by the responsiveness and ability to communicate on the channels they want to use.

A back-and-forth dialogue is easy to have using LINK Conversations or our other channels so your customer feels heard and you can understand their needs. 

How LINK can help

Captivate customers using the channels they want and in the context they are familiar with: 

  • SMS 
  • RCS
  • Viber 
  • WhatsApp 
  • Google Verified SMS 

It’s often important for customer service to have the ability to have a conversation with the end user. Take advantage of LINK Conversations to create a dialogue. 

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