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Effectively attract more shoppers, save cost and increase revenue and return with mobile coupons.

With LINKCouponyou can reward your loyal customers instantly and drive more traffic to your store. No need for technical skills or integration. Just create, send and track your coupon with our user-friendly coupon builder. 


Anyone can create beautiful couponswith ouruser-friendly couponbuilder. Set up your campaignno training is needed. Proventemplatesand workflows will help you all the way. 

Brand loyalty

LINK Coupon supports your brand 100% whether you want to add a logo and some colors or make your own complete design. You can even customize the domain URL to make sure that the customer knows it’s you. 

Track & Measure

LINK Coupon supports several validation methods to support your need for insight and control. Easily extract data to your own database or explore the campaign in our dashboard widgets with advanced filtering. 

The way it works

Rewarding your most loyal customers is always smart. We all like attention – and a good deal! LINK Coupon is your off-the-shelf coupon solution to boost customer engagement. 

  • Chooseone of ourpurchasetriggering templates. 
  • Organizeyour brand settings and compose the coupon. 
  • Define validation method (e.g. manual, bar code, pin code). 
  • Choose distribution method (e.g. bulk sending, SMS keyword, triggering by API). 
  • Trackand measure your campaign and ROI. 

Measure and optimize

The truth is found in the data, so why not use it? We can provide you all the data you need in order to optimize your campaigns. Which segments are more responsive to which campaigns? At what time should you schedule the sending? What kind of offer gives you the best response? 

Perfect for

  • Rewarding customers when they sign up or complete a customer survey.  
  • Offering special deals to VIP customers.  
  • Boosting campaigns or special events with coupons (e.g. Black Friday).  
  • Introducing new products or just to say sorry with a “free coffee” if something went wrong. 
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